Saturday, April 6, 2013

Malaysia general election 2013

Malaysia general election 2013 is around the corner, both ruling party and opposition had started their election engine. Which coalition can become the winner? It is hardly to say because opposition parties are now stronger than ever compared to the years before year 2008. Can opposition parties carry on the strength shown on year 2008 Malaysia election? Yes, this is the critical part for opposition parties. For the ruling party, this is the most inclusive party ever before.To be fair, I think BN had done something great and a lot of improvement without the voters have to ready think what is the best solution for them. If most voters want the real change the new party to rule the country, then Najib will have to cry as the incumbent Malaysia Prime Minister. Since Mr. Anwar had been cleared of the sexual related charges, that mean Anwar is considered innocent legally. This is the boost for Anwar after so many years of disturbance from the similar sexual court cases.
If the voters want to enjoy the recent benefits given by Najib, then they will chosse BN. For those who never feel that they are taken care by the current government, what they will do is to vote for opposition parties and the likely Malaysia will be ruled by Anwar, the new chapter for Malaysia. From now onwards, the interesting discussion and debates are hotter especially in Internet. It is less interesting on the local newspaper because the newspaper mostly talk about the positive sides of the incumbent government and negative sides of opposition parties.

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