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Huang Wenyong

Veteran MediaCorp artiste Huang Wenyong who was the most beloved actor in Singapore, best known for his role as “Ah Shui” in Channel 8’s period drama “The Awakening” died on Saturday. I enjoyed the show " The Awaking " very much. This was the big show that SBC had put lots of effort and the outcome was great. Since then the local TV series gradually developed and The TV series then went to overseas like China, etc.
He was 60 years old, Huang Wenyong passed away on Saturday.
Many fans were shocked to hear the news, Huang Wenyong projected the very good image in Singapore drama scene, we never hear any negative news about him. Huang Wenyong liked to coach new actors, actress. Personally, J had seen Huang Wenyong interacted with fellow actors/actress so well when I was the dram extra many years ago. At that time he expressed the views candidly about the salary increment issues then. That's why I believe what his fellow actors/actress comment about Huang wenyong. It is true that he was the very friendliest actor in mediacrop. He was sincere and not the hypocrite but the gentleman.  
Fann Wong, Aileen Tan, Pierre Png, Ian Fang, Tay Ping Hui and a host of other MediaCorp stars have expressed their sadness over Huang's death soon after the news broke.
Ian Fang said;"I am really sad! My eyes are wet! He is the legend!Big Brother Wen Yong! Goodbye!" on twitter.
Tay Ping Hui said;"I have worked with Huang on numerous occasions. I learned a lot from him every time we worked together. He takes acting seriously, and never hesitates to guide the newcomers. He is a senior I respect,"Huang Wen Yong's departure is a great loss to the Singapore television industry. Rest in peace big brother Wen Yong. You will be forever in our hearts.".Tay Ping Hui, who starred alongside Huang in the drama "Rescue 995", in a micro blog post that same evening.
Public concern for his health has been growing since he appeared visibly thin and haggard onstage at the "30th Drama Anniversary Show" which aired on Channel 8 last year.
Huang had previously revealed that he lost approximately seven kilograms in an interview with xinmsn, and suffered from stomach flu and digestion problems while filming for the Channel 8 drama “It’s a Wonderful Life” since September last year.
Most recently, the 60-year-old took to MediaCorp's online portal Toggle early last month to reassure and thank his fans and friends for their concern and support.
"I am well. All my friends who are concerned about me; please do not worry," said Huang in the audio clip.
"During this time, I feel sorry for not being able to respond, despite receiving so many well wishes. Sorry, and thank you everyone.
"Please don't forget to take care of your bodies everyone. I will try my best as well. Hopefully, I'll be able to return to work, shoot more great shows and entertain everyone," Huang added.
The veteran star joined the then Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) in 1980 and was one of the early pioneers of local Chinese drama.
To date, he has acted in over 100 Chinese dramas and sitcoms, including "The Seletar Robbery", "Lobang King" and "Joys of Life".
In his over 30-year career with MediaCorp, he has won numerous awards including "Special Achievement Award" in Star Awards 1997.
Huang is also in the running for the "Top 10 Favourite Male Artistes Award" in this year's Star Awards. Let's us pray for him, rest in peace. Namoamitufo.Late television icon Huang Wenyong will receive the Honorary TV Award, to honour his contributions to Singapore’s television industry, during the “Star Awards 2013 Show 2”, which will be held at the Marina Bay Sands MasterCard Theatres on April 28.
A one-hour television special will also be produced to mark his death.
It is titled "Remembering Huang Wenyong" and will air on April 29, 8pm on Channel 8.
There will also be a "Frontline" Huang Wenyong special which airs on April 26, at 10.30pm on the same channel.
In addition, there will be a special broadcast of the best scenes from the sitcoms "Don't Worry Be Happy" and "Lobang King" which Huang starred in, along with an episode of the talk show "CelebriTea Break" where he appears as a guest, on April 27, from 2.30pm on Channel 8.
This will be followed by a re-run of the film "Homerun", in which he played the head of an impoverished household, at 2.30pm on April 28.
Fans can log on to MediaCorp's online portal Toggle as well, to catch complete episodes of Huang's classic shows.
 A special segment was added to the "Star Awards 2013 Show 1" on Sunday in light of his death.
The audience observed a moment of silence to pay tribute to the late star, before a short memorial video was played.

Over 800 people paid their final respects Wednesday 24-04-2013 to veteran actor Huang Wenyong at his funeral at the Bright Hill Monastery.
At the wake in Ubi, artistes such as Xiang Yun and Chen Shu Cheng gave eulogies, thanking the late Huang for his contributions to Singapore’s television industry. His friend Li Rong De, head of MediaCorp artiste management Andrew Cheng, as well as vice-president of artiste management Ivy Low also gave eulogies.
Huang wenyong joined the-then Singapore Broadcasting Corporation in 1980 and was best known for his role as Chinese migrant "Ah Shui" in Channel 8 period drama "The Awakening".
In his over 30-year career with MediaCorp, he acted in over 100 Chinese dramas and sitcoms and won numerous awards including "Special Achievement Award" at the 1997 Star Awards and "Top 10 Favourite Male Artist Award" at the 2011 Star Awards.
Li said, “(Wenyong) dedicated his entire life to the TV industry and stood by his profession even at his deathbed. His dedication, optimism and helpfulness will always be remembered. He will always live on in our hearts as a Mr. Nice Guy.”
“As someone who enjoys being in an energetic and lively atmosphere, Wenyong will be very happy if he was here right now. He enjoys amusing us. If he knows we're all gathered here today, he'll definitely want us to be smiling,” said actress Xiang Yun.
Eight pall bearers, consisting of male artistes including Tay Ping Hui and Bryan Wong, sent the late Huang on his final journey as they carried the coffin to the car after ceremony rites ended. Fellow actor Chen Guo Hua was entrusted to oversee the funeral proceedings.
On the way to the monastery, the hearse passed by MediaCorp’s Caldecott Broadcast Centre where colleagues lined up by the roadside to pay their respects. Staff clapped as the hearse circled the company’s headquarters. It is understood the arrangement was made out of respect for the late artiste.
The late Huang is succeeded by his wife, son and daughter.
The late actor will be honoured with an honorary award during Show 2 of the Star Awards this Sunday. An hour-long television special, Remembering Huang Wenyong, will also be produced to mark his death. The special will air on 29 April, 8pm, on MediaCorp’s Chinese free-to-air Channel 8. Mr. Huang wenyoung was the gentleman indeed, he could interact with all people. No wonder so many people have the positive comments about him. He behaved well and did not want females to touch him. His discipline is what actors/actress must learn...
Let's pray for him go to Amituofo pure land. Namoamituofo to Huang Wenyong. See you at pure land.

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