Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Get rid of greed

Today My blog topic is Get rid of greed. Today I tell myself I have to stop buying stocks, I have to stop buying 4D, TOTO, I have to stop going casino forever. Why I suddenly have the thought of changing one of my bad habits-gaming. I decide not to gamer any more. Because I realize that greed can not make me happy. Because I realize that greed will only be enhanced further. Because I realize that greedy mindset is the abnormal mindset, it can not lead to peaceful mind. Why I suddenly have this thought, it is because I watch videos about Traditional value. It is so important to be the normal human. We need to learn correct values in this life time. I am now stopping to listen bad music, stop to read news from newspapers, stop to watch stimulating video, movies. I stop to write articles about Malaysia election although my blog title is Malaysia election. Because I have to spend my time wisely. I have to start loving myself by doing all the good deeds. I have to get rid of wrong mindset of selfishness. From today onwards, I will only write positive one. I will slowly delete or amend all my previous blog posts that contain negative one. Yes, I can, Namoamitofo.

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