Friday, April 26, 2013

陈大惠 ChenDahui

陈大惠 ChenDahui saved a lot of people, he is the good model for ready changing people' life. 陈大惠是央视著名主持人曾任《东方之子》、《经济半小时》、《对话》等栏目前 主持人,是一位资深制片人。 《纽约时报》、《时代周刊》曾两次对他提出采访的邀请。后来陈大惠为了推动和传播中国传统文化,休假做义工已经3年。2006年至2008年主持完成了大 型公益访谈类节目《和谐拯救危机》,在社会上引起巨大反响。
  陈大惠制作的《为什么不能吃它们》系列节目,荣获2003年中国非官方环保最高奖 福特汽车环保奖。
ChenDahui is a famous compere of CCTV. The TV program he once presided include: 《Eastar》《Half-Hour Economy》《Dialogue》. He was also an experienced TV producer.《New York Times》and《Times》has invite him to have an interview twice. In order to promote and propagate Traditional Chinese Culture, he took a rest from his work later and devoted himself to be a volunteer for 6 years. He accomplished a large-scale public interview program –《Harmony Save the Crisis》, which aroused a big hit in the public.
ChenDahui is a wise man, reflected in his unique thought and taste. He didn’t become a shortcut speculator because of his talent; instead he was stick to go forward with his never-changing diligence. With an indomitable nature, he could make his thought more acute and mature.
Some people reckoned that: “As a compere, the place of ChenDahui’s program in the channel of CCTV cannot be shook by anyone from any perspective.”
The serial program《Why Can’t We Eat Them?》was awarded the highest China unofficial environmental price—2003 Ford Environmental Price.

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