Sunday, April 5, 2015

Recite Namoamituofo 24hrs to go pure land

Master Chin Kung keep on reminding us the Buddhists to have sincerity, purity, equality, wisdom, kindness, understanding the universe , let go all illusion, freedom within, accord with the surrounding with peaceful mind, mindful of Amituofo. 
Buddha told us the reality of the universe and told us that there are many ways to get enlightenment or to the state of Nirvana. When we reach the state of Nirvana, we will not reborn in the realm like human realm, hell, animal realm, ghost realm or heaven. Born in the above-mentioned realms are not perfect because this is reincarnation realms. What Buddhists want are to attain Nirvana -the state of no-born, no die.
Through Buddha's teaching, We know the reasons not to kill, steal, sex, lie, alcohol etc etc.
In order to go to the pure land-Amituofo land, it is easy if we ready follow the teaching.
1. Do all the good deeds, not killing, stealing, sex, lie. alcohol and every deed must be mindful.
2. No greed, hatred.....
And recite Namoamituofo sincerely then we can die awake and Amituofo will bring us to the pure land.

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