Friday, February 8, 2013

Population white paper debate in Singapore

Population white paper is now debating in Singapore parliament. The participation rate is quite promising, both Proposition PAP and Opposition WP is exchanging view and sometimes the heated exchange spark some fire like a MP asked whether WP Mr. Low had turned on hearing aid or not, but after the while the MP realized that he had made the improper remark and made the apology on that.
This Population white paper debate is the opening eye for me, I can see different style of MP in different camp People Action Party and The Workers Party. Some just echoing the government and praise it, some praised it but added that somethings need to be done further on the Population white paper. Some rejected the Population white paper and offered different ideas or proposals.
It is normal to have different ideas because we are all in different perspective and different angle but anyway the debate is necessary. At the end of the day, the government is still the one to fine tune it.
PAP government project the population the maximum is 6.9M the worst scenario. Worker Party hope to reduce the population to just 5.9M.
PAP said that it need to build infrastructure to cater for the needs , WP said that it is the waste of resources to build the infrastructure projected at 6.9M.
Regarding the inflow of foreign workers, WP said do not further increase but maintain. Ut means The Workers' Party is worried that the inflow of foreign workers will affect the Singaporeans' quality lives and wages will be suppressed by that or wages will be stagnated. PAP said if we do not put more foreign workers, it will affect the building plan.
Wow, the debate is ready interesting if I keep on writing then I have no time to sleep.
Wow, politics sometimes make us headache, I think I have to go to sleep now.
Anyway I hope both side remain cool because both sides are ready want to make Singapore proper, nobody want to make Singapore down and Singaporeans down, am I right?
I have to relax now as I see so many actors die because of tiring works.
Wish all healthy, health is no.1, the rest is no.2,3///

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