Friday, February 8, 2013

Do you know whether you have true friends or not?

True friend is someone who can help you when you are down mentally or financially. As a true friend, you can console your friend with your caring heart. As a true friend, if you friend demand for some money to get through the difficult period, you can help him because you care. In the true world, many are just superficial friend, they can only together when both no troubles. Once the friends got troubles, the so call friends are quickly disappear.  Do you know whether you have true friends or not? You can only know the true color of your friends while you are encountering some difficulties and see whether they can help you or not. Even you have 10 over years or more than twenty years old friends, do not think they are your true friends until you ask for their help and then you can see their true colors.
Mr. Malcolm and Mr. Indran are old classmates. They had frequently come out to drink coffee, go for entertainment events and discussing many social issues. In year 2008, Mr. Malcolm got burnt because of buying shares/stocks. Mr. Malcolm lost all of his investment and bank accounts became zero amounts but he needed to pay the broker firm for few hundred to settle the outstanding bills. With this panic situation,  Mr. Malcolm asked Mr. Indran for help requesting to borrow $200. Mr. Indran rejected Mr. Malcolm's repeated requests and gave many excuses like forgetting to bring ATM card,etc.
Although they had known each others for quite sometimes, Mr. Indran could not help him even he was quite well-off.
Mr. Malcolm felt very disappointed with this friend Mr. Indran. It looked like Mr. Indran was not his true friend.
After few months, Mr. Malcolm settled the debt hinself but both of them still continue to come out for drink coffee but Mr. Malcolm never mentioned about the debt.
10 years later, Mr. Malcolm facing another crisis that he was lost all his hard-earned money because of gaming. The new year eve was coming and Mr. Malcolm needed two hundred for giving incoming guests' kids Ang pao -some money to give kids for lunar new year. Mr. Malcolm again asked Mr. Indran for help requesting two humdred dollars. Mr. Indran replied in the SMS" Why not?. Until the new year eve, Mr. Indran still never ready wanted to help Mr. Malcolm. On new year eve, Mr. Malcolm was quite thick-skin, he phoned Mr. Indran but Mr. Indran simply replied " now at city". It was the clear sign that Mr. Indran had totally never concern Mr. Malcolm at all. The following few days, Mr. Malcolm never received any SMS Messages or calls from Mr. Indran.
This time, Mr, Malcolm thought: this is not the true friend at all and he no longer contacted Mr. Indran anymore.
Do you think Mr. Indran can be friend anymore? Is his the true friend of Mr. Malcolm?

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