Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Worker Party can win Punggol east by election

Lee Li Lian will very soon become the new MP for Punggol east. There is so many reasons that Lee Li Lian can make it.
For so many years, we have hardly had more than four opposition elected MP in Parliament. In 2011 general election was the first step but continue the momentum, we need a clearer picture. We have to prevent the similar setback in year 1995 that two SDP elected MP lost their seat only serving one term.
I hope SDP just to tolerate for this by election, let Worker Party one to one fight with PAP. What SDP can do is to tell supporters to support Worker party's candidate, this will benefit SDP in future.
To win the battle, we ready no need to so hurry. I mean for SDP this time the by election.
Singapore Worker's Party candidate will win big in Punggol by election if it only against PAP'S.
But if other opposition parties also contesting, it will reduce the chance for Worker Party because few percents can make the difference. If this is the case the majority of opposition supporters will feel angry at those weaker opposition candidates for spoiling...I hope other opposition parties can tolerate and give up contesting and let worker party's candidate had the chance to become the next MP.
If you know you will the loser, what is the point of contesting, it is good to let other one better chance one to contest and stay aside to watch.

Updated news:The Workers' Party this morning unveiled the party's deputy webmaster Ms Lee Li Lian, 34, as their candidate in the upcoming Punggol East by-election.
Lee Li Lian was also a candidate in the 2011 General Election, in which she took about 41 per cent of the vote in a three-way fight. It shown that he had the big support there.
WP Chairman Sylvia Lim said: "Li Lian pounded the ground in 2011 and the area hasn't changed that much since. We picked Lee Li Lian because of her prior experience in the ward, and her personal attributes. Over these years, we have found Lee Li Lian to be a sincere, reliable and committed person." Ms Lee said her campaign strategy was to focus on the people's needs - "that's what politics is about," she said - citing the availability of amenities such as nearby coffeeshops and childcare centres as issues she would focus on.

In particular, she said that "as someone thinking of starting a new family I can empathise with young families". She later clarified that she is not pregnant, but added that she "doesn't see how politics should affect a person's decision to start a family".

Responding to a media query on why the party had not been seen pounding the ground in Punggol East following the 2011 GE, Secretary-General Low Thia Khiang said: "WP is a small party, so we shifted our priority to serving Aljunied GRC after the elections. So we ceased ground activities to focus on Aljunied.

"Our original plan was to cease on-ground activities for one year to let Aljunied stabilise, and restart activities in January 2013."

On what message the WP was sending out with their choice of candidate for the by-election, Mr Low said: "WP is a serious party. We consider very carefully what candidate to field. We look for consistency and look at their track record.

"We also make sure that the candidates are willing to work the ground, not just in Parliament but also in Town Councils."

Ms Lee, Ms Lim and Mr Low did not comment on the Singapore Democratic Party, who are likely to run in the by-election, or former Speaker Palmer.
Updated news on 15-01-2013, SDP, RP, SDA still want to contest. We hope all do their best and the best one will be the winner. This is democracy.
Yes, nomination day was finally over, PAP , WP, SDA and RP are now in the race. Can PAP win big in this by election Punggol east, the answer is no. PAP is likely to lose in this Punggol east by election because of the following reasons:
1. Michael Pamer never showed good example as Parliament speaker. He should stop the relationship with the PA girl because Yaw's incidence could give him the lesson.
2. Worker Party's Lee Li Lian is the best candidate because of her outgoing style.
3. Some issues needed to be solved like no coffee shops, childcare facilities, market,etc.
and many other reasons.
SDA Desmond Lim will lose the deposit again because he has no enough support there.
RP will also lose the deposit because of sudden appearance there.
In short, The Worker's Party Lee Li Lian will be the ultimate winner in Punggol east by election.

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