Saturday, January 26, 2013

Punggol east by-election results Worker Party win big

Yesterday 26 Feb 2012 was the day for Punggol east voters to choose their new MP. This Punggol east election's results indeed the big surprises for many people. The Workers' Party candidate Ms Lee Li Lian won big, she got 54 percent of valid votes, up 13 percent from her previous result in GE2011. PAP was the big loser, Mr. Koh, the doctor only got 43 percent, down 11 percent from GE2011's.
In my previous post, I predicted that Lee Li Lian would get 50 percent and Mr. Koh would get 47 percent. I predicted that the other candidates both would get less than 1 percent. So my prediction was quite near to the actual result. This results was the very strong signal that voters of Punggol east want to tell government to work even harder and ready take care their needs. Yes, the time is different from 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000, now is year 2013, voters' mindset are different from the past. The whole situation and environment had changed drastically , we can not stick to the past style, we ought to change and ready meet the demands from voters, As the government, it has the duty to serve all above political consideration. Lee Li Lian is not the elite but She has the charm and sincerity to serve voters, people can feel this.
The other candidate Mr. Desmond Lim got only 0.5 percent. 100 over votes and the reform party's candidate Kenneth got only 1-2 percent. Both candidates indirectly helped Workers' Party because of their styles that many voters could not agree with.
Let's talk about Desmond Lee, the so call " gentleman ", voters do not want these type of gentleman in parliament. Desmond Lee can be the principle engineer but come to politics, Desmond Lim behaved like small baby, for example, Kenneth Invited him to the rally to talk, Desmond Lim said that this was the example of opposition unity, how naive it was. The style cold only attract few voters, this time he got 0.5 percent. It look like he was the one who got the lowest votes in the history of political election. Such a person should consider withdraw from the politics totally. He should not waste time on that because he had already in politics over 20 over years, he not even get 200 votes...It show that He ready does not have any support. It is useless to behave like the ox if you have no ground at all.
Kenneth was better than Desmond Lim in terms of election results but he got 1.2 percent. I think because of some issues like on line threat and his irrational remarks about Workers' Party like poor performance in parliament,  the styles actually anger many opposition supporters and they shifted the support towards the most rational and responsible Workers' Party. Perhaps He should not participate this time. Remember the poor results can not help him in future attempt just like Desmond Lim.
The scandal costs PAP lose the by-election but now PAP again received the signal that they must ready listen to voters' mind.
Lee Li Lian was the big winner. I hope Ms can work hard and ready serve voters wholeheartedly and do not let voters now. Let's wish Punggol east residents healthy, happy and wealthy and hope government can treat Punggol east smc fairly.  

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