Friday, January 25, 2013

Ah Nan's death give me the lesson

Ah Nan's death give me the lesson. Ah Nan, please rest in peace. Ah Nan's death give me the lesson. Why? Please read on...Life is so short and precious, many people just live day by day and never ready think how to live meaningfully? We continue to do what we like but never think whether this will be the right ways or not. Many people lose the direction and just follow blindly and do not bother the essence of life. Ah Nan's death had indeed giving me some thought on the life. Now, I know I have to adjust and put my mindset into the correct mode.
 Yesterday I bought the newspaper and I saw the front page with actor John Cheng Ah Nan's photo, I never ready read the story as I thought it was just entertainment news. After reading all pages, I then realized that he was just passed away,52-years old.. Ah Nan was quite popular in Singapore entertainment scene including getai circuit. It was believed that he was suffering from a heart attack after performing at a club near China Town on Monday. This was in flat the shocking news for me. Why always the actors die so early? And It gives me something to think about...    Ah Nan  is survived by his wife and three daughters.Ah Nan had acted on films such as "I Not Stupid" and "The Ghosts Must Be Crazy".Ah Nan made his big screen debut in "Money No Enough", alongside Singapore actor-directors Jack Neo and Mark Lee back in 1998.
Ah Nan death was "very sudden" and "a pity".

"He was singing and dancing and telling jokes on stage, then he just go like that," said Mark Lee, who went on to describe Cheng as a "talented" and "kind" man that has "brought laughter and happiness to the audience".

"Although he looks a little fierce, he actually has a kind heart.

"When he goes to the HDB areas or coffee shop, and sees elderly people who need help, he would step forward to help them," said Lee, who had recently worked with Cheng on his new film "Judgment Day", in which Cheng plays a medium."Every time I shoot a film, I'll think of him, because working with him is a joy." "I hope his family can stay strong and weather these difficult times." 

From Ah Nan's sudden death, I learn that we have to adjust out life style, do not be too over-worked. We need to rest sufficiently, earning money is important but health is more important because we have very short time in this earth.
From the local newspaper,We know about Ah Nan's lifestyle in his past. He loved gaming, he was the Ah Long's runner before but he told his friend that he intended to quit gaming. Yes, it is very common nowadays that many people have the bad habits due to many reasons for that like family background, what type of friends they nix around, how their childhood's life, influences from media, bad friends,etc,etc. Yes, Ah Nan was always thinking of his family and worked extremely in acting films, singing songs,etc. From here we learn something that we need to learn how to relax, when the time we need to sleep, we ought to sleep, do not act like the hero because our body need rest. without sufficient rest, our body system can break down sooner or later just like those over-worked taxi drivers. Life is short and precious, once our life is gone, forever gone,,,,
We learn not to addict on gaming because gaming will make people feel stressed and more greedy if we are winning but most of the gamers will lose. The time you spend on gaming make make your energies exhausted sooner just like those people who go to casino gaming whole day whole night and keep on smoking 40 sticks of cigarettes in few hours. Can you imagine how their body's condition. Greed will affect the person's life badly.
We need to cultivate good habits even singing, we ought to sing good songs not " yellow songs ' because it will affect others and ourselves. This is my thoughts after hearing Ah Nan's death. Please pardon me because my English is ready horrible but my blog is simply my personal diary.
Ah Nan got something for us to learn like helpfulness, forgiveness. He loved to help friends like going forests to look for  Papaya for a friend who needed it for medicine. He helped people those in need. 
For me, this was the lesson for me, I wish all healthy, happy and full of energies.

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