Monday, October 22, 2012

Singapore inspiring stories

Singapore has many inspiring stories, this is about filial son.
STOMPer Miso came across a touching story of a boy in China who despite studying in a university over a hundred kilometres away, returned home to spend time with his dying father in his last few days.

24-year-old Cheng Jilai did his late father (56-year-old Cheng Yixing) proud when he was the only one out of his three siblings who made it to university. But because of their impoverished family financial situation, the family was unable to bear expensive tuition costs and Cheng Jilai ultimately chose to study at Xi’an Aeronautical University, borrowing 6000 Yuan to enter the school.

Things took an unfortunate turn when his father's health deteriorated and he was diagnosed with rectal cancer, but his father had kept the news from his children and refused to seek treatment for his health condition due to the family's inability to afford surgery. It was only at the end of 2011 when his father's health declined so drastically did Cheng Jilai and his siblings learn about his illness and took him to a hospital.

With the tight financial situation, Cheng Jilai worked to support himself while he was in university, but used his hard-earned tuition savings to settle his father's medical bills and funeral preparations. Although he has had several female admirers in school, Cheng Jilai never dared entertain the thought of having a girlfriend has he knew that dating required money to be spent.

During his father's last few days, Cheng Jilai and his father slept in the same room, and he was always by his father’s side. He knew that his father was close to death, and could pass away any moment. 

Mr. Cheng Yixing passed away on 27 March 2012 at approximately 9.30pm at night.

Said Miso:

"This story brought tears to my eyes.

"From the photos, you can see that his son really took care of the funeral arrangements and medical bills despite the family's poverty to ensure that his father received a proper burial.

"The fact that he travelled all the way home and sacrificed his university tuition money for his father is indeed admirable.

"Hopefully young people in Singapore would follow in his footsteps when it comes to caring for their elderly parents and loved ones."

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