Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ban live export

Today, I happen to see local newspaper about " ban live export". Then I type ' Ban live export on Google search and happen to see this video. From the video, we can see how animals being treated so cruelly. I support " ban live export'. Time to stop cruel act and stop saying ' Love animals" but killing cruelly.
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Tell Your MP to Ban Live Export!

Recently Australia's live export industry again revealed its dark heart by lauding the first shipment of Australian cattle to Egypt in four years. One month later they were in damage control admitting that 263 cattle had died enroute to Egypt in one of their flagship vessels the Ocean Shearer. Whilst the industry is not stating what killed the cattle, various excuses such as delays caused by an injured crewmember and piracy concerns have been put forward. Once again it has taken animals to suffer and die to prove that the inherent and unacceptable risks that accompany every live export vessel when it takes to sea can never be overcome...
The animals who survived disembarked in a country that has a horrendous track record of animal cruelty. The slashing of tendons and stabbing of eyes to disable cattle still routinely occurs in Egypt. Whilst Australian cattle can now only be killed in one accredited abattoir in Egypt they still face having their throats cut whilst fully conscious. If slashing the tendons of cattle is unacceptable in the eyes of the Australian government -- the slashing of the throat of terrified conscious cattle should be equally so.
The government banned the export of sheep to Egypt after viewing Animals Australia's evidence of trussed sheep being tied to roof racks and thrown onto trucks and into car boots. Since then Egypt has imported chilled meat from Australia in place of live animals, showing that the region will accept chilled meat. In fact last year, Australia exported more chilled sheep meat to the Middle East than live animals -- showing how unnecessary the cruel live trade really is.
Animals in the Middle East are routinely subjected to cruel treatment. Australia's willingness to export animals -- knowing that tens of thousands will die enroute and that surviving animals will endure treatment that would be illegal in Australia -- is immoral and unforgiveable. The message that this trade sends to the Middle East -- a region that desperately needs be encouraged towards ethical treatment of animals -- is that animals are nothing more than chattels to be traded and slaughtered for profit.
Your help is needed to pressure your local Federal Member of Parliament to support a ban on the cruel live export trade, and to let them know that caring Australians will not vote for a political party that supports animal cruelty.

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