Monday, August 13, 2012

Jogging is good for our health

Yes, jogging is good for our health. Yesterday after work, I went to the stadium to jog for three round, this was the warm up for me. The stadium is near commonwealth MRT station. I could see so many people jogging, fast walk or did some physical exercise. Why I suddenly have the mindset to exercise? Because I realized that jogging or some forms of physical exercise was good for our body. If our body never go through some forms of exercise, it will become soft. We need to strengthen our body structure.  But we need to do it daily or regularly. We just can not be lazy, it needs some discipline and we ready need some planning. With this mindset, I started planning how to carry out my exercise schedule. Part of the reasons for  me to have such thinking is due to my clearer mind through focused meditation. 
In order to keep my body fit, I had to do something. Today after work  13-08-2012, I went to jog inside Chinese garden and Japanese garden. I am so relaxed because I can have the total freedom whether to jog or fast walk. Two day have passed, on 14-08-2012, I went to Singapore Jurong central park for jogging. On 15-08-2012 I went to Jurong lake park for fast walk cum jogging. My sister just reminded me to have few minutes warm up before jogging. Another friend advised me earlier to buy the jogging shoe. Wow, through all this kind advice, I am ready for the new journey-jogging daily.
After this few day's jogging, I feel energized and I can walk steadily. Now, I am thinking of buying the new sports shoe, this is the investment for health.
In short, I now have to meditate two times a day also jog for 30 minutes. I have to start planning to do more meaningful things in life.  
Yes, jogging is good for our health.
Let's start jogging or fast walk to keep our body healthy. Do not wait any further. Remember to observe your body condition well. If you have not did any exercise for the past few months or years then you have to start it slowly. Perhaps you can start warm up your body first the simple one like moving your hands, legs. After that you can slowly accelerate it by fast walk for few minutes. After few days, you can jog for few minutes. Take sometimes to build up your stamina.
Keep on reading this post, I will update my jogging journey from time to time.
This is so fun for sharing out all these, I feel so freedom now....

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