Wednesday, August 22, 2012


In this century many people keep on chasing materials gain but never ready have the peace of mind. They simply ignore it or just do not know the ways to cope with the fasting changing world.
My friend introduced me about the practice of mediation. After his advice, I took up the course and had the chance to experience it.
Through the meditation practices, I slowly realize the need to have the clearer mind in life. Now, I find it meditation can help me in many ways in life and now I have to thank Mr. Silvam because the meditation help me to have peace and intelligence to cope with the daily work.
Through the meditation, I learn and correct many errors either on meditation part and daily deeds. It is because of the positive mindset that I can think more deeply whenever I do the things.
It is the help especially in this stressful environment.
Usually We should  meditate  after eating meal two hours later. We have to sit straight while meditation. Focus is the key to success on meditation. Do not be distracted by all illusion thoughts, just concentrate on the object.
In conclusion, I am now very healthy on body and my mind is more sharper than before. With proper meditation like the duration of meditation each day, the techniques on meditation, the do and don't. Yes, We can ready feel the wonders of our lives. We know how to live in more healthier life and now I think I want to talk more about meditation in my next posts. Through this sharing, It can strengthen those who had practiced meditation and also let those without meditation have some knowledge about meditation.

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