Friday, April 27, 2012

Time to love all-the highest form of enjoymentD

Do you want to have highest form of enjoyment? If you want, please read on.....In this world, not many people love all, there are many people love some, am I right? It is ready good to love all. Can you examine why you can not love all? why? Is it because you thought it is ok to love some but not all. Is it ok for you to challenge yourself that you do not follow others. When you hearing " love all ", do you feel uncomfortable. Perhaps you have something in your mind that you can not love all because of some reasons.
Love all--Every time we hear people say " love all ". From my understanding, this is the highest form of enjoyment. Because of " love all " we can attain the true peace not partial peace. We love all animals equally, we love cats as well as dogs, we love poisonous snake as well. Remember if we hate one animal or more, we are mot people of " love all." In order to ready " love all " practically , we need to stop eating them. We must not say " love all " on one hand but kill them on other hand. Although I now never kill animals but I still eat dead one. I am going to stop eating dead one as well. Because I know I still can survive even I never eat animals. The ultimate reason is because I want to ready taste the highest form of enjoyment- I do not want other animals blood in my body, I do not want to injure them any more. For me, I know I can do it. I never force anybody to do that, it is entirely my will and I know I am doing the good thing and I can ready live in total fearless state.

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