Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hu Bin was expelled from the 13 schools-part one

"I was expelled from the 13 schools" this was the topic that Mr. Hu Bin wanted to share with us. Hu Bin was sharing his painful experiences, Let's see what he said:
" Many said that I had the personality, capability..
I am Hu Bin, from Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, 22 years old, I was expelled from school by 13 schools. During my school days, I was not listening to my parents. I like to fight and bullying including teachers. But now I had changed and now a full-time volunteers. As the full time volunteers, I have no income. My duty is to promote the "student guide" and to promote
traditional culture/values. I have been in this wonderful job a year. My mom and dad very happy after seeing my significant change. We all need to learn the rules-di zi qu so that we can have the a correct outlook on life and values. In the past, I learned that the Western concept of equality, and the importance of freedom. At that time, I did not know how to respect parents, I called my mom and dad their names. After learning the rules, now I know I have to call them mom and dad not xiao Hu or xinghu At that time I felt very fashionable. Now I know I was wrong, I am now calling my mom and dad with my heart sincerely.
I bullied the teacher, class booing/protesting, the teacher scolded me and I did not bother at all. The teacher said to me,"Hu Bin, you sit in the last row, do not influence the other classmates, you can sleep there, I have no other demand."
But I still could not follow this simple instruction, how bad I was.
At that time teachers saw my mother with tears very often. I also believed that it was good to show off. During the examination, I never wrote any word on examination papers and not handed over the exam papers to teachers. The teacher was helpless and told me to write something and I just simply took out the text book and copied down on the examination papers. My mindset then was quite abnormal and I thought all these showing that I was a man of personality. Yes, I followed Western values ​​that I would do somethings that others dare not to do. I thought this was personality.
Hu Bin advised people to learn the traditional values and know to live as the human beings,

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