Thursday, April 12, 2012


In this world, some people believe there is hells, some wouldn't believe or think this is superstitious.
Let's see who are people who believe there is hells. Yes, religious people believe it. Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hindu and many religions all had mentioned the existence of hells. So, I can conclude that those religious or spiritual people are believing it. What is the benefit that those who believe it? The obvious benefits are having peaceful life because they wouldn't commit acts that can lead them to hells after death.
How about those wouldn't believe the existence of hell? There are basically two type of people, one type of people will still doing all kinds of good deeds even they never believe it. The other type of people, I call it dumb one will do all kinds of bad deeds like killing others because of greed, hatred, etc.
The pitiful one are the dumb one. I hope you are not the dumb one. For me, hells are the places for very bad people. This is the truth whether you believe or not. If you don't believe, it does not matter as long as you do not commit the bad acts.....
If you never believe it but still doing all kinds of good deeds. You are good at least you never do something to hurt people or other beings.

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