Saturday, April 28, 2012

Better life

In this shortest life, we see so many people were lost in direction, they were chasing materials gain and many illusions. Some pursued all these in illegal ways and suffered in the end.
To have the better and quality life, we can adopt the six ways.
Donation or giving-We need to donate to the needy or those who are poorer and needy one. If we have nothing to give, we can pray for them or even wish them well.
Free from doing bad deeds-like killing, stealing, improper sex, lies, alcohol, etc. By dong all good deeds, we will feel peaceful and luck will follow,
Tolerance with no limit-We need to be tolerant at all times without anger.
Diligence in whatever we do( positive one ), keep cool by meditating. I mean dealing with all in the cool manner. Also, learning wisdom is also very important so that we know what is wrong and right.

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