Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How to study well?

If you are the student, you have to understand the importance of studying well. It is extremely important for you to concentrate on your study when you are still the student. Let me share with you the experience. Now you have to think " how to study well?: seriously. I have to remind you that you will be in total failure in your whole life if you behave abnormally even your study is extremely good. If you study very well but your moral part is horrible, there is no point because you are bringing to yourself, your parents and your whole family even your teachers. In short, how to be the normal person in terms of mindset is more important that your grade. I am not the mentor but I am just giving you a cent of advice. Good characters or behaviors or habits are the factors lead you to what kind of life later on. Please read on, may be you will wake up yourself and automatically know how to study well. Sometimes you need something to trigger your potentials or hidden potentials, am I right?
Firstly you have to understand its importance. Now you are the student, that means you are still very young, your absorbing power is better than middle age or old men. If you don't study well, you will regret later and your life will be in the mess later. In school or classroom, you have to put 100 % efforts in listening, digesting. After school, you have to revise and do your home work. Remember not to spend time on unnecessary things like playing computer game, watching TV. You have to utilize your time to study all subjects. You have to study well on certain important subjects like Mathematics, Science, English Language, etc. Make sure you fully understand all chapters. If you do not understand, you write it down those things that you do not understand, ask your teachers bravely. Do not be shy, be the brave student, brave girl or brave boy.
If you are slow in learning, please work harder. Repeat again and again until your are perfect. But do not pressurize yourself, just do your best. Build up you passion for study and tell yourself that I want to make it, I want to achieve better results.
Thinking of how to study well now? Keep on reading my tiny reminder.
If you can study well, then you can always be promoted to the next grade. If you have done your best but the outcome or results not good. Never mind, try again and again.
Remember you need to have certain standard like A level or Polytechnic certificate in order for you to have the better job so that you can feed yourself later.
My friend, please be the hardworking person, stand tall and face the future bravely. Do all the good deeds and cultivate all good habits from young.
This is some of my reminder, be the good girl or boy. Build up your strong moral foundation so that you can resist all bad influence and become the clever person. Wisdom is what we need.
So by now you should know how to study well. You are welcome to share your experience. Remember that how to study well can be apply to anybody, any age group not just teenagers. For me I am the lifelong learner. I have already gone through many experiences and always like to share it out. Hee hee hee, I am quite talkative for that, hope you don't mind. Instead of put fingers to me, why not encourage me to write more positive blogs and give little bit positive energies to the world.

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Janene said...

Wow. It's been a long time since I've been in school, but I was a good student. The biggest thing for me was just setting aside the time to study and ignoring all the other distractions. For me, being alone in a quiet room helped. Like you touched on, the idea that the more knowledgeable I got translated to better chances at a better and more fulfilled life fueled my desire to not just get good grades but to learn.