Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How to go to the pure land after leaving this world?

How to go to the pure land after leaving this world?For those who want to go pure land-Western blissful world after leaving this world. Beside always reciting Namoamituofo, they must have the following ten mindset.
1. They must be totally compassionate towards all human beings and sentient beings, do not hurt and injure them and always make them feeling happy.
2. They must be in serenity both body and mind. They must feel pitiful for people and do their best to clear away their worries.3.
3. They must not give up and must able to protect the good teachings from the awaken one even losing their life.
4. They must be able to free from all attachment, using wisdom to observe all situation without any attachment.
5. They must have the clean heart, do not be involved in the worldly matters like profits,etc. They must be contented and have the clean heart.
6. They must not forget the purpose of going to the pure land. They must be persistent and willing to go to the pure land to learn advanced wisdom there.
7. They must have the mindset of total equality, respect others without any arrogance.
8. They must have the decisive mindset, do not engaged in gossipping and have the strong belief and do not lose the direction.
9. They must do all good deeds according to the Buddha's teaching. They must not have evil mind at all.
10. They observe the wonder of amituofo without any attachment.
Remember all must be stay awake in order to go to the pure land.

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