Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Great reminder to all

if human beings want to have peaceful life. They must follow the basic rule.
1. Do not kill. If you kill, you will sick and not healthy.
Note: Abortion is just like killing.
I see the scene of aborting the baby is so cruel. The doctor use all type of " knife " cut, dig. The bloody scene is scary.The survey shown that those aborted baby mostly regret after that.
My reminder to all ladies, please do not abort baby because this is killing. For your own good, declare yourself not aborting.
Abortion will make the person feel guilty for the whole life and she have to face the music after that...
3. Do not steal. If you steal, you will be poor.
3. Do not have improper sex. This is the very important part that human beings always ignore.
4. Do not tell lies.
5. Do not be drunken. If you are drunken, you will do all the nonsense.
I mean if you want peaceful life. This is my sincere reminder.
Please do not angry if you do not want to do the above. It is up to you.


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Umihoney said...

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