Saturday, September 24, 2011

Crazy mindset leads to crazy or miseable life

Inhuman acts:
I just read the news that there is such a course to teach people how to produce food using all kind of evil ways. They use rotten meats, dead meats and produce the food for customers to eat. The food looks nice but all produced by black-hearted people. The crazy mindset leads to crazy acts, this type of teachers must be locked up or canning.
Kill her own sons"
Some parents have the crazy mindset, they do not how to cope with the situation in life. Because of hatred, they kill their own sons.
This similar type of sad incidents always happen nowadays. It tell us that human beings ready do not know how to cope with the situation and behave worst than animals.
The outcome is always sad. Without proper values from the young, life will be somethings like that.
Time to instill right values from young so that all have the solid moral foundation. Without this, we will always see this type of crazy things come out.
In simple words, as the grandmother , she should behave the grandmother. As the mother , She has to behave like the mother.
We meed this type of moral education urgently.

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scribadiva said...

My friend, this is so true. I think we are witnessing a crisis, one that will come to a head, between greed and dishonesty, and on the other hand, love and caring for one another. The Mayan Calendar ends next year, and many people think polarity will shift, and at some time in the far future, it will. Right now, I think there's a battle going on, and a new consciousness will arise. With every good act we complete, we change the universe. By writing your post, I got to read it, and reinforces my resolve to finish a post I began today on the same subject. I applaud your commitment to doing the right thing. Long time no see! Swim in sweet tides, my friend. scribadiva