Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Punggol by election rally Schedule

 Punggol east by-election rallies.

The Workers' Party (WP) will hold a rally for the Punggol East by-election on this Wednesday 23-01-2013. The rally site is at the open field in front of Blk 183C Rivervale Crescent between 7pm and 10pm.This is the final rally for the Singapore Worker's Party the Singapore responsible, rational and strongest opposition party which had the strongest support in opposition camp. Singapore Worker's party was performed extremely excellent in GE2011, It finally broke through the monopoly of GRC being controlled by the giant PAP since 1988, how many years? About 22 years, nobody broke through but Worker party shattered the PAP''s dream finally. Can Worker party break through the SMC seat in this Punggol east by-election. It is possible even those SMC seats usually are the strongest wards. Why I say that, in the last general election, no opposition parties could win SMC seats beside Hougang SMC. If Punggol east voters are willing to give chances to Worker's Party, then We all can have one more Worker's Party MP soas to quicken the balance and to cut a bit of power from PAP. I think this is ready the very good development. I think the chance is very high due to the fearless voters nowadays.

The WP candidate is 34-year-old sales trainer Lee Li Lian. She will give her speech on the rally. Lee Li Lian  had previously said she intended to hold "about three rallies" during this campaign. Lee Li Lian is the outgoing, sincere person, She will bring out many concerning issues in Parliament. Few days ago, She talked about MALE Maternity leave and now we have heard the good news that government has announced the plan now, wow, so fast response...good news. To have more good news, vote for worker party's candidate Lee Li Lian is the only and the best choice.Vote for the hope and moving towards first world parliament.
Many Ponggol east voters will go to the rally to support her. A very big crowd is expected because The Worker's Party rallies people simply enjoy it.....

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Beth said...

I understnad electons on in Singapore are on teh 7th of May. I am hoping the best that the people are enlightened to chose the best candidates to represent then and that this historic event be peaceful and ground breaking.

Much Love