Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Forgiving people is good for us.

Yesterday I met a good friend. He was my primary school classmate. He shown me a sticker " Forgive people is equal to give ourselves a good treat. "
I like this statement.
This is one of the ways to make us healthy both mind and body.
What is your view?


JaneneMurphy said...

I agree. The ability to forgive is very freeing. It's hard on the body and soul to hold onto such anger. The person I have most trouble forgiving is myself. I have to work on that more.

Beth said...

Hey Cooling Star, Funny how I posted about forgiveness today. I think forgiveness is important for your own freedom. To be able to walk away from a situation and be able to say, that hurt but I can forgive gives you power.

For me the biggest struggle, when the person does not realize how they hurt me. To me forgiveness is being willing to start over, but if the other person thinks they are still in a esteemed place it your life, I get very upset.

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