Saturday, May 28, 2011

Do not abuse power

I had not learned Tai shang gan ying pian since the last post in Jan 2011. Now, I have to clear all unwanted stuffs related to Singapore general election. I want to learn something meaningful. Let's study part six of Tai shang gan ying pian again.
Nos 28:
They appropriate the accomplishments of their neighbor and conceal his good qualities.
Nos 29:
They make known his foibles and expose his secrets.
Nos 30:
They squander his property and
Nos 31:
.....cause divisions in his family.They attack that which is dear to others.They assist others in doing wrong.
Nos 32:
Their unbridled ambition makes for power, and through the degradation of others they
seek success.

My view:
In this world, some one like to steal other's belongings without permission. They like to help others doing bad things. They abuse their power for their own gain.
I think all these are bad, we must do do it.

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