Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Confucius learing institues worldwide

  1. Confucius teaching can mould people towards the path of goodness.
    If China let go all the old stuffs and follow western corrupted mindset, China will be doomed and down.
    If China can adopt the ancient but good values, China will continue to survive many many years.
    It looks like China government have already waken up.
    I have go through some Confucius teachings. I have to say the teachings are very useful especially in this horrible world. The crucial part is start from our own home. Family harmony is the starting point. For me, I have no hatred about Confucius teaching. Because many traditional values are always suitable for human world at all times. I have cleared all my misunderstanding about Confucius teaching. Remember Confucius never created any new ideas but collect the advice from ancient people of wisdom. The five elements described in the Confucius teachng
  2. 1. Love.
    1. 2. upright.
      3. Good manner.
      4. wisdom.
      5. Trustworthy.
      These five elements are so important not only to present China bit the whole world.

  3. Let me tell you little bit about the recent China history. These traditional values were taught in the past probably two hundred years ago.
    In year 1911, the last kingdom was collapsed. Since then China had entered to the confused period until now. All these traditional values were neglected. Because of
    1. losing self-confidence of the own traditional values.
    2. Foreign power like British, France and other countries using their guns to invade China since midder of 1800. China lost Hng kong, Macau and signned many agreement with all these foreign powers, China losing a lot of money to all these greedy foreign powers.
    3. the influence of western power, science and technology shaken China people mindset.
    4. Internal conflict between Communists and democratic party after second world war.
    5. Japan invaded China ifrom year 1937 onwards until 1945.
    So, since 1911, China was in confused period.
    Now, China had developed economically but too many people are losing direction.
    I think the revial of China traditional values is the right direction for China and its people.
    China people must preserve their own roots. Only that they can only survive for many years.
    Should they follow the current western culture led by USA? 200-300 years?
    500 years of China culture is the treasure for China people.
    I have listened to many China people that they have benefited from learning all these good values. As you know human beings including past kings, past and present presidents of any country, they are all " human beings ". From ancient time until todays, similar type of bad deeds are happening every day even today. Some are good, some are bad.
    You agree tha the recent history of China was (is) a mess.That's why China needs " education ".
    The best way is still inject good traditional values like "filial piety" This is the essence of Confucius teachings. This " filial piety " is needed not just in China but all nations.
    The past thousands years history-the traditional values had created the harmony in the past.
    I do not know whether Confucius was promoting "foot-binding" or not? I believe Confucius wouldn"t do that.
    I do not know whether Confucius was promoting- one men could legally live with many women, and can trade their women freely with other men's women ? like trading slaves? (You"re sure Confucius himself would not prefer to do so....)
    Confucius teachings are great but people need real action. They ready need to put it into dail life not just talk only.
    From the top like government, to the bottom, all need to show good examples, then all will be blessed.
    Few years ago, there was the teacher who promote Confucius teachings in his home town. Wow, the atmosphere there is in harmony. The teacher had presented to UNITED NATION.
    No wonder one of the UK educationists had said that Confucius teachings and mahabuddhism can help the world in 21st century.
    ' System is good but people fail " is the real worry. Can you tell me the difference betwwen tiger mother and non-tiger mother?
    What is the difference?
    What is your proposal?
    Any better teachings are suitable for the happiness of China people? China ancient government adopted the Confucius teachings was the smart way. That's why China could survive so many years and maintained in unity even until today.
    Not just Confucius teaching, Taoism and Buddhism all combined together became china culture.
    The selection of government officers were based on two factors
    1. filial piety.
    2. free from corruption.
    That's why China had so many upright government officers in the past.
    All this achievement because of traditional culture.
    So, how can China let go the roots, think deeply.
    Only stupid people will ban Confucius teaching, I mean China. From Confucius teaching, I know ancient parents were very responsible one unlike current Chinese parents they are care less and do not know how to take good care of their kids. For this part, we ready need to learn from ancient China saints.
    1. Their strictness is good for their kids.
    2. Their parents ready show good examples like manners,etc.
    3. They build up their foundation so that their kids know what are right and wrong. So, the kids can have the blessed future life.
    a. The kids learn how to behave well.
    b. The kids wouldn't do funny or bad deeds to disgrace their parents.
    Remember without filial piety, kids will likely go astray just like children in this present world, they have no shame at all, always like to do ghostly things.
    Remember Confucius teachings can mould people to be upright people. No wonder China had so many saints who always loved people, helped the needy.
    I am the one who support the Confucius teachings because I know these teachings are always good to human beings even thousands year later.
    Why? because the teachings are closed to our nature----our hidden wisdom.
    Once we have our inborn wisdom exploited, only that, we will realise how important Confucius teachings, the roots of China.
    If China still never learn these good values, China will then be laughed by others.
    It is ready stupid to discard the teaching of wisdom---Confucius teachings.
    The more you study Confucius teachings, the more you will appreciate how ancient people" heart.
    They were ready people of love unlike the modern people who always like to look for external...........The last kingdom was led by the lady who was not the wise one. She believed ghostly words from the group. She thought that the disciples had the powers to counter the guns from western powers.
    Because of she dumped the Confucianism and othe traditional cultures, the kingdom finally collapsed.
    Of course when we learn Confucius teaching, we must know its true meaning.
    Only for those who ready learn it and put it into action can tell us their real experiences.
    But I am very happy to see Mr. Hu the businessman who had put it into action, his business is growing well.
    That's why In Malaysia, the ministry of education also support the teaching of Confucius.
    Even USA also have many institution about China traditional learning. If the teaching is no good.
    Now, China people are so eager to learn their own culture. It is better to have roots so as to counter the western sub-culture's bad influence. Like any belief, there are always people who support or against.
    So, do you have any better ideas what China should culture?
    Is it get rid of its culture completely?
    If not, can you provide some solution or good ideas?


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