Thursday, December 16, 2010

Do not treat the kid as king or queen

Yesterday while I was about to enter into the train station, I heard the conversation as follow:
The small kid about 7years old talked to the mother loudly :" Mom, carry for me the water bottle. "
Mother:" How can I carry for you, you should be independent. If you don't want to carry the water bottle, then no water for you to drink. "
The mother was very persistent and never spoilt the child. This was ready the live example indeed. This mother knew the ways to cultivate the kid. So, if parents spoil the kids, then they will surely getting some " awards " in future.
Let's see an other example that the other mom who always spoil her kid, what award she had received.
The real story was happened in China. There was the parents who always spoil their kids , they bought anythings that the kid had demanded. One day, the mother prepared the cup of hot water for the kid in the morning. The kid simply carried the cup and drank. The kid was so angry and uttered the words : How come you give me the hot water, you want to kill me, isn't?.
Immediately the kid poured the hot water towards his mother.
Who's faults? I think parents needed to be blamed for that. So, please do not treat your kids like kings or queens.
See you, have the nice day.


PussDaddy said...

I agree. I am old fashioned and do not believe that kid's should interrupt adult conversations, and that you are the parent and kids should do what you say without question.


coolingstar9 said...

When kids are small, we parents need to guide them properly.
In order to teah them properly, parents must ready show good examples.
Good parents can have good children.