Monday, November 1, 2010

Stop stealing

Yesterday when I was back home from work. In the bus interchange, the male stranger about 40 years old talked to me. The conversation were as follow:
Stranger:" Hi, are you going home from work? "
Coolingstar9:" Yes, I am going home now. How about you?"
Stranger:"I just lost the job because I was sacked from the present job."
Coolingstar9:" Too bad, that means you have to find the other job?"
Stranger:" Yes I am going to nearby industrial estate looking for new job. I am regretting because I had stolen some chocolate from my warehouse. I was the storekeeper to take care the warehouse then."
Coolingstar9:" You supposed to safeguard the store. Why you stole it? You like chocolates? This was not that expensive products."
Stranger:" Frankly speaking, I worked as the storekeeper there just for two months, I was stealing chocolates just to give my working colleagues."
Coolingstar9:" How come people know that you were stealing?"
Stranger:" Because I told many colleague and they also saw it. I thought that they wouldn't complain, because they all looked friendly."
Coolingstar9:" Did you ask for pardon or appeal?'
Stranger:" From the response from my manager, I knew it was too late because too many people knew I was stealing chocolates many times. I knew those talkative women doing and spread it."
Coolingstar9:" Did they give you advice not to steal?"
Stranger:" No, they never say anythings but complain it behind."
Coolingstar9:" Wow, I hope you must stop your stealing habit now."
Stranger:" Yes, this was the lesson for me. Do you want to look for the new job. Since I was sacked, there is one vacancy for this post-storekeeper. The salary is $xxxx. Five days a week."
Coolingstar9:" Thanks, I will consider it."
You see, stealing costs him lost the job?
Honesty is so important, do you agree?
Hi, everybody. Just for your information.
Wow, I am 3 years old blogger now. Time is running so fast, hopefully I can continue blogging. See you soon, have the nice day free from all illusions.


JaneneMurphy said...

Let me be the first to comment (I can't believe I beat Konway): keep blogging coolingstar! And that guy definitely should have definitely gotten sacked. You can't steal on the job!

Omar said...

Well, chocolate is hard to resist.

Konway East said...

His storekeepers should have put the hot sauce on the chocolates. The chilies in his mouth would stop his stealing habit?

Konway East said...

I hope you get the job as the storekeeper. I would shop in that store very often.

RecycleCindy said...

Congratulations on 3 years as a blogger. I hope you reach your dream of 100 comments that you wrote about over at BC. Best wishes and I always enjoy your positive attitude.

Tricia said...

Go, baby, go! 98 more to go!

stevmap said...

strange dream but good luck