Sunday, December 20, 2009

Do not produce poison

Our planet covered by water, it is about 70%. Quite similarly, our body has over 70% is water. Can you imagine if the water in our body is polluted, surely we are not healthy.
Besides healthy mind, healthy body is very important to everyone of us.
According to the specialist's scientific experiment, water has reaction if it receive the message of goodness. The Crystal of water become beautiful.
The kid died immediately after his mom breast feeding. Did you know what was the cause of his death. It was because his mom quarreled with someone before breast feeding him. That milk had poison.
The other experiment show that the gas produced by the hot-tempered person. The gas from the mouth can kill the white rat because the gas contain poison.
So, anger can pollute your water in your body, your health will be affected greatly by anger. It is useless to exercise if you always angry.
That poison name anger is very dangerous for our life.
Anger like the fire which can burn ourselves as well as others. Anger make us lose the cool. Many conflicts, war, killing, stupid acts ,etc all because of anger.
Anger make our body weak as well. Please control our emotion properly so as we can live longer and healthier.
My friends, please do not produce poison in your own body.


lina@happy family said...

Excellent post, William! It's very shocking experiment facts. Our negative emotions can endanger not only our health but also others around...

coolingstar9 said...

lina@happy family,
Yes, our action indeed affect our destiny.
That's why we should correct our mistakes and learn the wise ways to handle things in life.
Dare to do the right thing, dare to be the moral person, we never lose anything.
Happy new year to you and all your family members,


hi coolingstar
How's your Holiday?
Wish you all the best
have a great day and happy blogging!
Merry Christmas and Happy New year!!

deepika said...

good post friend,,, Anger makes even a good man as a devil. The word we speak in anger doesn't have any meaning we should sit and control the anger and after that we can make any decision. when we get angry our health get spoiled..

Sam said...

hello! how are you? Your blog is full of good information's. I enjoy reading it. By the way thank you for following my blog. :) Keep in touch

AngelBaby said...

It is also true that if you say mean things to others it affects them at the molecular level and the same for yourself. It changes the the molecular formation in the body of both the person saying the mean words and the person he or she said them too. So we need to watch the way we talk to each other too.

Love and Blessings,

umihoney said...

good article..agree with you on this..Happy New Year,may the new year brings happiness,good health and prosperity to you and family.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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