Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How to have caring heart?

Last post I talked about unselfishness could lead us to the path of wisdom. Of course Mr. Hu is living happily now. Recently he shared with us his experience on how he could get back the caring feeling towards his aging father who is 80 over years old.
Due to the very old age, his father can only read newspaper with the aid of magnifying Len. His father always has " tears " whenever he watches TV program for few hours because of the reflection of TVs screen.
This time Mr. Hu wanted to get back the caring feeling and attempted to find ways to help alleviate the pain that his father was facing due to eyes' problems.
Mr. Hu conducted the experiment, he put the black ink painted on the spare spectacle and then put some powder. After that, he put two level of ink, red and blue. Ha ha, Mr.Hu wear this spectacle and can not see anything. This is exactly what his father's situation. Now, Mr. Hu had the compassionate feeling towards his father.
Mr. Hu discussed the problems with his younger son who is 9 years old. His son said that we needed to always visit grandfather to make him happy.
The conversation was as follow:
The younger son talked to his father:" You have told us before, if grandfather feel happy, his health will be better."
Mr. Hu:" Son, what should we do?"
Young son:" Grandfather likes to read newspaper, you should buy the newspaper with bigger wording."
Mr. Hu then decided to order the newspaper with big wording although the price is little bit higher. Mr. Hu's father was so happy and touched and always told friends that his son is now the person who ready carry out the advice from the student guide.
This story tell us that we need to have the feeling towards people first. Then we should know what he likes and dislike. After that, we do our best to full fill their wishes.
When we put down selfishness, our love towards others then can flowing out. Mr. Hu reminds us that just a little bit of clean heart, our hidden wisdom can be triggered out.
The more stories in the next posts. Have the nice day.


bluedreamer27 said...

Oh we should always have a caring heart.. no matter how difficult the situation are..Even the stoniest heart has it's softer side...
thanks for sharing this Coolingstar!

coolingstar9 said...

To have the meaningful life, we ought to have the normal yet healthy mindset. Through learning from personal and others' experiences, we can learn something good.
We ought to transform ourself to the better person, that means we must be the truly good man in terms of behaviour, manner.
Caing heart is essential if we want to live happily.
You are right, we have to always have caring no matter how difficult the situation are.
Have the meaningful life, bluedreamer27.

Pink Links said...

Sometimes it's not easy to care, but we can always do our best and little more:)

Have a nice weekend!

coolingstar9 said...

Pink Links,
Yes, we can do our best. I believe all human beings have the potential to care.
Sometimes we need to let them understanding the importance of caring not only benefit others but themselves as well.
We can tell them some living examples so that they can have the feel. Once he start doing this, the good habit is gradually cultivated. What the wonderful world.
Have the nice day, Pink Link.

AngelBaby said...

What a wonderful story so beautiful and so true. We must learn to love others as we love ourselves. Doing this will make this a much better world to live in.

Love and Blessings,

OweEng2 said...

Great post, It's really inspirational. I hope other writers can step in and help out more by making informative articles like this.

coolingstar9 said...

Once more people know how to love themselves as well as love others. This will be the much better world to live in.
Thanks and best wishes to you.

coolingstar9 said...

I believe that more and more blogger are willing to share stories related to goodness, happiness, how to live happily.
Thanks for your encouragement on that.
Best wishes to you.