Saturday, October 24, 2009

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I have been blogging for two years. I have to say that I have learnt a lot since blogging. All these experiences can become my sources of my future blog posts. Although we blogger never meet each others but we all can encourage each others by visiting each others, sharing some views to each others' blogs. All these really make blogging enjoyable.
Although my blog posts mostly talk about life like how to live happily, some inspiring life stories. The purpose is very simple just to motivate myself as well as you.
Of course I have no expectation on anything in return, but I mainly enjoy the process of blogging. Within these two years, I also participate some blogging communities, I have some on line friends since then. I ready can not imagine how Internet and blogging has the impact before that.
I write blogs on my own way and pause for a while if I ready go some other things to do. But still I still have the passion to write further because it is simply fun.
Now is the time to be think-skin, can you push me harder by subscribing my posts by feedburner. Can you see on top on the page stated" If you want me to write more, please subscribe my posts via email through feedburner".
I hope the dream can come true because I believe dreams can come true if I say it out.
I hope my posts can send to you through feedburner as well.
Ok, this is your action time. For me, hee hee, I am waiting for the surprises. It does not matter for me how the outcome just to learn some experiences, hee hee hee.

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Pink Links said...

Yes, blogging is great fun. It's also nice to find new friends.

Because of my work I don't have time to write as much as I would like to. I also have many other activities.

Have a nice time, my friend! !

levian said...

i believe it is cool enough for you to blog the way you wanted to. we all have our own writing/sharing style, that was what make us unique. :D

ladyviral said...

We do not need to listen to people who tells us how to blog.. if the person don't enjoy it, they can just stop coming by...

And of course I would love you to blog more.. you are inspiring :)

Nisha said...

Hi cooling star.. i just subscribed to your blog, and now i'll get your updates to my email.. yippiii!!

Thanks for visiting me dear.. it was a very very sad story, esp when i saw the video i almost broke down.. take care :-)

coolingstar9 said...

pink links,
Blogging is one of your hobbies so am I.
Although we have little time left, but I believe we still be able to find time for blogging, just do our best. Have the nice day.

coolingstar9 said...

Blogging is fun because all all have their own writing/sharing style. Every blogger is unique.

coolingstar9 said...

Glad to know that you like to read inspiring posts.
Then, I have no choice but to write more lol. Have the nice day.

coolingstar9 said...

I am so happy to know that you have subscribed my posts through feedburner.
Regarding the little girl passed away, I also feel sad for her. She was so understanding and innocent, hope she can rest in peace.
nisha, have the great day.

Fa'iez said...

Blogging is my pleasure and my hobbies too, blogging world from me visit my blog, good job coolingstar don't forget me

coolingstar9 said...

Wow, you like blogging very much, that's ready good. Passion is the key to your blogging success.
Surely, I will visit you, have the wonderful day.