Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ask permission

Let's study the student guide-learn to be a human, starts from the basic.
Avoid doing things in a hurry, it will lead to many mistakes.
Do not be afraid of difficult tasks, but do not become careless when a job is too easy.
Before borrowing things from others, you must ask for permission.
If you do not ask, it is stealing.
When borrowing things from others, return them promptly.
Later on, when you have an urgent need, you will not have a problem borrowing from them again.
I can tell you some people just forget to return.....
My mood now: peaceful.


Tina said...

good advice. some people are just so ignorant to these basic things arnt they.

thanks for stopping by my place and commenting

coolingstar9 said...

It is good to learn the basic especially when young.
Foundation is very important.
Thanks for visiting , have the nice day.