Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Gracious society

In order to have more gracious society, everybody should play the part. Through participation, our society will move towards the path of goodness.
Today, while waiting bus at the bus stop, I see the poster in the notice board quite interesting. It is my pleasure to share it out.
This is the good reminder because human tend to forget goodness.
Graciousness is showing your consideration for others by not eating and drinking inside the bus.
Allowing others to board by moving to the rear of the bus.
Keeping the environment clean by not littering inside the bus.
Caring for others by giving up your seats to those who need it more, giving a helping hand to someone in need.
Showing appreciation by saying thank you to someone who brighten your day.
My note:
Wow, you see, we can do so many good deeds within the bus.
If you want true happiness, then we should do it sincerely in the bus. Surely you will brighten someone the whole day.

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