Thursday, April 2, 2009

Be a good child

Dear readers, Let us study the student guide. Chapter 1: At home, be dutiful to your parents. Part 3:
Have a permanent place to stay and lead a routine life.
Persist in whatever you do and do not change your aspirations at will.
Although a matter may be considered trivial, but if it is wrong to do it or unfair to the other person, do not do it thinking it will bear little or no consequence.
If you do, you are not being a dutiful child because parents do not want to see their child doing things that are irrational or illegal.
Even though an object may be small, do not hoard it.
If you do, your parents will be heartbroken.
My view:
Be a good child, study hard and having good habits.


Our Love Story said...

while it is true that it is very hard to sometimes do what is right... still, at the end, we realize that it's worth taking than rejecting!

thanks a lot coolingstar for sharing all these wonderful stuff! i hope children could read your posts! take care and have a wonderful season! : )

coolingstar9 said...

Our Love Story,
I know that it is not easy to sometimes do what is right.
we learn and do our best.
Have a nice day.