Saturday, March 28, 2009

Good values

I have just read a book, student guide. I find it ready interesting and like to share it with you.
Chapter 1: At home, be dutiful to your parents.
Part 1:
When your parents call you, answer them right away.
When parents command you to do something, do it quickly.
When parents instruct you, listen respectfully.
When your parents reproach you, obey and accept their scolding, try hard to change and improve yourself and start anew.
My view:
We have to instill good values to those who are young. They should learn how to respect parents.


Our Love Story said...

hi there! i missed being here in your site! i certainly agree to your post! instilling good values to the young is very important so we won't lose touch with the old values esp now that the world is constantly changing!

thanks a lot coolingstar for never failing to drop by in my site! take care always! : )

E-Tavasi said...

hi coolingstar i agree with your post :) good value. Yes :D We need to respect our parents.

coolingstar9 said...

our love story,
Wow, you are right.
It is good to learn good values.
Let the world fill of warmth.

coolingstar9 said...

If we can respect parents with sincerity.
The next step is to extend the love to others.
Wish you well.