Thursday, February 26, 2009

left and right

On my previous post-helping hand, I had received some comments that are ready good to ponder it further.
Economic downturn globally- Our Love Story said:" hi coolingstar9! the economic crisis is a global issue and we can really feel how this affects our lives... many of the leading international companies here have closed and many workers lost their jobs... you're right it is the best time to show our concern by helping each other get through with this crisis!"
This is the hardest time for many people, so locally what we can do are looking your left and right and do what we can.
The Malaysia great blogger Faisal Admar said:"sometimes I'm pretty confuse with our country. we are busy helping other country but forget about those who are close to us... people who live in Malaysia especially.lets us donate some money to the needy around us!"
Again, I have to say that we should not forget about those near to us.
The reader said:" Who is interested in that somebody like Coolingstar9 lose Money or good bankrupt? "
If all of us have this type of thinking, then how to have the caring society? Helping others will not make us bankrupt but happiness within. The more we give, the more joyful we are. This is the best time to look your left and right.
The popular bluedreamer27 said:" I pray to God that this economic crisis that we experiencing globally will be ended."
Yes, with combined efforts from all countries, the economic condition will gradually improved.
lilyruth said:" Great article.. give a helping hand especially to those who cannot help themselves or speak up..."
Yes, it is good to give a helping hand including those who cannot help themselves or speak up. Let's cheer and start looking left and right.


AngelBaby said...

Hey, there is a blog that is trying to start a big project of helping people in need so go check it out here I joined it so I can be a part of helping people that really need help. Just thought I would let everyone know that maybe as bloggers we can start something really good.

Love and Blessings,

coolingstar9 said...

Thanks, it is good to offer help.
I will check it out.
Happy life.