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Thursday, February 19, 2009

How are you?

My friends, I just want to ask you a question-how are you?
For me, I am fine.
I know all of you have your special hobbies or interests. Wish all of you keep on blogging with passion.
Few months ago, I posted a question and received many comments. Let's take a look.
The message is "keep on blogging with passion."
Let's cheer.


bluedreamer27 said...

oh my thats what i need right now...
i know blogging is my passion although my work schedule serves as a hindrance for me to do it
but then i keep on trying to make sue that i will never loose the tracks and my blogger friends
self motivation is the answer
thanks for dropping by in my blog my friend have a great day

coolingstar9 said...

I understand your feeling fully because I am in the same situation.
Beside work and some comittment, I have little time left but I will do my best because blogging is a fun things to do.
Through your blogs, I knom you want to do more , bring joy to readers.
I will visit you whenever I have the chance to access to the computer.
Let's motivate each others.
Again, passion is the key.

Our Love Story said...

hi there coolingstar! yeah, it was indeed a great discussion then!

i believe we all do have the passion to keep on blogging... it's just sometimes we learn to prioritize some things! but then, still blogging is in our hearts...right?!

take care and have a wonderful weekend! : )

Faisal Admar said...

We'll feel like quitting every time we feel so stress or no time to write about anything even though we've a lot to share with the whole world.

To me, I'll write whenever I've free time and good thing is I never have writer blockage :)

Happy blogging Coolingstar! :)

jhony etherington said...

ok its time to do some new hobbies...they are blogging right.. happy blogging cooling star..

coolingstar9 said...

Our Love Story,
Yes, we all do have the passion to keep on blogging. sometimes we need to prioritize some things!
We should make it enjoyable.

coolingstar9 said...

Faisal Admar,
To you, You'll write whenever You've free time and good thing.
That's good, ,my friend.

coolingstar9 said...

jhony etherington,
Yes, blogging is fun and is a good hobby.
Happy blogging.