Thursday, May 7, 2009

Do it properly

Let's study the student guide to be better person. Let's start at home, do our part to create better relationship.Chapter 2: Be cautious in your daily life
Part 1
Get up in the morning before your parents; at night, go to bed only parents have gone to sleep.
When you realize that time is passing you by and cannot be turned back, and that you are getting older year by year, you will especially treasure the present moment.
When you get up in the morning, wash your face and brush your teeth.
After using the toilet, always wash your hands.
You must wear your hat straight, and make sure the books of your clothes are tied.
Make sure socks and shoes are worn neatly and correctly.
Place your hat and clothes away in their proper places.
Do not carelessly throw your clothes around, for that will get them dirty.
My view:
We learn to do properly and cautious about own attitudes, like cleanliness, proper dressing. The good habits will surely benefit us and others.


bluedreamer27 said...

thank you coolingstar for your willingness to join
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AngelBaby said...

This is wonderful, we do need to learn how to take care of ourselves it will help us throughout our lives.

I have something for you on my site.

Love and Blessings,

bluedreamer27 said...

hello coolingstar just dropping by here
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Our Love Story said...

hi there coolingstar... if there's one thing im trying to learn now is living one day at a time and enjoying one moment at a time... you're right, we should live to the present... enjoy and love the people around us while we still have them! take care and have a blessed weekend! : )

Poets Design said...

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coolingstar9 said...

Thanks for the invitation.
I will join the fun if the time is allowed.
Happy blogging.

coolingstar9 said...

Yes, we do need to learn how to take care of ourselves it will help us throughout our lives.
Wow, something for me on your site.
I will take the tour, thanks
Love and Blessings,

coolingstar9 said...

our love story,
Yes,It is good to live one day at a time and enjoying one moment at a time.
Enjoy the present moment.
Wish you always happy.

coolingstar9 said...

Poets Design,
Thanks for your visit.
You say:" Nice to read your blog.I hope we can exchange the link. "
It is my pleasure. Have a nice day