Thursday, November 6, 2008


The USA presidential election was just over, Obama was elected as a new president. The difference is that he is the first black president in USA history.
The slogan : " change we can believe." always inside my mind since the first time I saw it on the newspaper few months ago.
Obama's success ready inspire many people. It shows us that all people can fulfill their dreams if they believe.
With equal opportunities and proper education, our potential can be fully developed regardless whether we are the black, yellow or white.
Obama had said before:" Just look at the back mirror, you will know what the other candidate will do in the next 4 years if he is elected." That means same old policies, nothing change.
As for me, I just look at old newspaper these few years, I can see so many news about war, conflict, confrontation,etc. Can we do some changes?
War change to no war.
Conflict change to negotiations.
Confrontation changed to co-operation.
Hostility change to friendliness.
Hatred change to love.
Greed change to giving.
Stupidity change to wisdom.
To individual, we can always change for the better, we can do our part. This is my little short thought for today.
I am going to attend three days course from 07-11-08 to 09-11-08. I hope I can change for the better after the course. I will share it with you in my next post.


mousewords said...

Yes, it's good to change for the better--to always learn and grow.

I look forward to hearing what you learn from your course!

footiam said...

Successful people always inspire people; it does not have to be just Obama's

joshuaun said...

actually obama quite handsome
at least handsome then bush and cain


Lynn said...

change is inevitable and i do believe every individual can change for the better. it is just a matter of choice.

happy sunday!

Matthew S. Urdan said...

Hey coolingstar, thanks for following my blog and commenting on my new blog Inside Government. We hope you'll be a regular visitor at both blogs.

Have an awesome day!

Our Love Story said...

his slogan is really a "come-on" to everyone! and yes... "change we can believe"! hurray to the new president of the united states! he relly made a difference and he has a lot way to prove!

thanks a lot coolingstar for ur encouraging words to me! it really helps to know that someone believe in you! take care always : )

AngelBaby said...

I do believe our new president has given America hope again. I think he will do a good job and anybody is better than Bush! He was the worst we have ever had! I can't wait to see what is going to happen next.

Love and Blessings,