Thursday, October 9, 2008

Go extra mile

My friend has just told me a real story. I can not wait any longer but share it with all of you now. This was a long story but I cut it short because I know you have less time to read long story.
Mr.A, the famous USA motivational speaker told the audiences his early life as follow:
" Have you seen some African black children who are thinner with big Tommy on T.V screen? I was like them when I was a child. I had no enough food to eat and felt very weak. When the wind was blowing, I had to hug the tree tightly. If not, I would be blown away. Please do not laugh, I am here to motivate you. I can do it, why cant your?
I had managed to go to America illegally. I worked as labourer, toilet cleaner and many lowest graded jobs. I learned Spanish and English while working. One day, I looked for a new job- filing clerk . My boss like me very much. Whatever things he instructed me, I would do it properly. When my boss was hospitalised, nobody took care of him except me. The boss hold my hand tightly before leaving this world. My boss's son Mr.B was touched by my good deed and said:" Brother, I will help you to find any job you want."
I told him that I wanted to be hotel attendant. During the work, I observed rich men always had some books on the car boot. I found out the book titles. During weekend, I went to buy the books with same titles. A book-go extra mile changed my life completely.
After that, I experienced many type of job, I kept on learning, had attended seminar, liked to interact with people. That's why I am here to motivate you. Even a black child can make it, you have no reason can not make it."
My friend, Mr.A can, you also can. Believe me, you and I need to go extra mile.


Richard Onebamoi said...

Hey Coolingstar9, thanks for dropping over at my blog and for your kind words. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story, I particular like the aspect were you noticed the books that these rich men read. It reminds me of what Charlie "Tremendous" Jones often said, "You will be the same in five years except for the books you read and the people you meet." Your story has confirmed that wisdom. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work. Looking forward to seeing you around.

Hazel said...

from your post, i can know that u r really a hardworking people..keep it up..

Mariuca said...

Hola Coolingstar! Thanks so much for stopping by MPG and I hope u enjoyed ur stay there. Here to wish u a great weekend, what are ur plans? :):):)

Gina said...

this is a wonderful story

Kroaky said...

Cool. I was inspired. May he inspire more people. =)

bonoriau said...

Interesting story thank you for sharing. I 1000% agree with you. We really have to go EXTRA MILES in what ever we DO. After working hard and smart then we leave to GOD to help us.

bonoriau said...

Hello my dear don't forget to list your mybloglog, blogcatalog and other social site links so that I can add on our master links.

bluecrystaldude said...

Thank you Coolingstar for share this. I am sure more motivated to do more about my life and make the most from it :)

rizal said...


Thanks for sharing with us a great story.

I love what Richard has commented here. : )

Now, this has motivated me to go an extra mile too.. :)

mousewords said...

That is a very inspiring story, and the comments are encouraging, too! The books we read are so important. Thank you for sharing this!

blessedmom said...

that is truly an inspiration...thanks for sharing that story...

thank you for constantly droppin at my blog and leavin good comments..surely appreciate it!

take care coolingstar!


Our Love Story said...

well said, coolingstar! you did your part in motivating me and other readers by sharing this story of ur friend, Mr. A! nice post! i like it! let's all go for extra mile!
take care always!

Scotty's Princess said...

Hi Coolingstar!

This is very inspirational! Thanks for always taking that extra-mile in touching people's live by your posts and your comments. You have definitely left a mark and I truly appreciated the kind and motivational words you have spoken.

You have touched my life in more ways than one. It means a lot to me.

All the Very Best,
LAINY a.k.a. Scotty's Princess

twinks said...


Hope all is well.
Thank you for sharing this inspirational story.By sharing this to others you''ve become an inspiration too.

I believe that we all should be an inspiration to others in our own little ways.

Have a nice day,

ching said...

yes indeed very inspiring.. theres nothing wrong of going an extra mile. keep it up.