Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dream can come true

In our journey, surely we have a lot of dreams. Dreams can come true if we say it out, with help from others plus our own efforts.
The key is to put the ideas into action. Like all of you, I also have dreams. Today I want to share with you my little dream had already came true.
Few months ago, I read a post about article submission. I had a dream that my posts can be publised there-Ezine article. I had submitted two posts and interestingly this two posts were published after few days. They sent an e-mail saying that I am one of the expert author. Now, if I type my author name " william tan seng " I can see my articles there.
Please take a look-
I realized that dreams can come true if we put the idea into action. If you have dreams, do not wait any longer, please do it now. Do you have any dreams?


bluecrystaldude said...

It would be better if you could put the link to the magazine here :)

Anyhow, congratulation on your success! Perhaps you could post the article here to share with us. Hehe :D

I always try my best to make my dream come true. I glad you already have!

Have a nice week,


coolingstar9 said...

It is good to know that you also have many dreams. You surely can be successful.
Thanks for the suggestion, that's good, I had alreay put the link on the right side bar-ezine article banner for your reference.
Happy blogging.

bonoriau said...

ALL big success start from small dream...yes I agree dream can become true...It's happen to me many times.

Our Love Story said...

wow... let me congratulate u my dear friend! u're really great... well, in making your dreams come true! it's true that we are responsible in making all things possible... yeah, i agree with bluecrystaldude... it would be far better if you link your articles here in your blog! take care always... keep it up, wil! : ) have a lovely day

germanschoolboly said...

hi man!

congratulations, I'm happy for you :)
I also do have dreams...one of my biggest is to move to another country. It won't be easy but I am already planning things and I haven't even finished school...but I really really dream about moving out so I am putting effort into it, just as you said.

Today will be really beautiful, tomorrow certainly more beautiful!!! said...

Yes certainly, I had the big dream.

kden said...

Hi William,
You have been Tagged! Go to my site to see what's up. Great post, you are absolutely right.

coolingstar9 said...

Wow, You agree that dream can become true as it happen to you many times.
It is true that big success start from small success/small dream.
Let's have some " good " dreams.
Have a great journey.

coolingstar9 said...

Our Love Story,
Yes, in making our dreams come true, we are responsible in making all things possible.
Thanks for the suggestion, I have put the link for your easy reference, just copy and paste into the goggle search or simply access through the right side bar banner (Ezine articles expect author)
Wish your dreams come true, have a great journey, jen.

coolingstar9 said...

Glad to know that you have many dreams.
one of your biggest dreams is to move to another country.
in order to make your dream come true, you need to study diligently, have a good career, earns sufficient money, then your dream surely can come true.
My friend, please work hard for it, nothing is impossible.
Have a wonderful life, germanschoolboly.

coolingstar9 said...

Today will be really beautiful, tomorrow certainly more beautiful!!!,
Glad to know that you have the big dream, I wish you have a better and fulfilling life.
Wish you always happy and healthy.

coolingstar9 said...

You say:" Great post, you are absolutely right."
Surely you have many dreams, wish all your dreams come true.
Wow, I have been Tagged, thanks a lot. I will check it up.
Have a wonderful life, kden.

Our Love Story said...

yey... that makes us access ur ezine easily! thanks a lot coolingstar and keep on inspiring ur readers! take care! have a great weekend! : ) cheers

Daisy Soap Girl said...

Congratulations on your great news.

Lynn said...

good for u! congratulations!

as the say, dream big. but u also have to work things out. things won't just fall right in front of u without u working on it. :)