Saturday, February 2, 2008

What is the stock knowledge?

Recently, i participated on question and answer. Mr. Genesynd asked: What is stock knowledge?
I gave the answer as follows:
Stock also call share , there is so many stock market in the world. You can buy and sell share through broker, you need an account for broker to transact and this account is associated with stock exchange. You need to study the stocks carefully, how the market and each sector trend.
World events can affect the share price ,what is bluechip?
Basically socall buy low,sell high and you need to cut lost when necessary.
You can read report from share analyst as well, you can buy contra also but it is risky because you have to sell it within few days frame unless you have sufficient money to buy it.
There is long term investment or short term investment. You need to extra caution when buying share, some people lost his entire hard-earn money overnight.
Some people study the curve method to determine the next move of the share. Beside that you can read stock magazine or Stock related book to increase your stock knowledge.
I am surprised that he picked my answer as the best.


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