Monday, January 14, 2008

Think twice before sending your parents to old folk home

When we pass by parks, shopping centres, isolated places, we can see some lonely, homeless old men especially at night. Most of them do not have family, poorly dressed and have no food to eat unless kind-hearted people offer them food.
Welfare department will help locate them to old folk home, at least they have proper place to sleep, eat. They have no better choice other than staying in old folk home.
But some people send their parents to old folk home for certain reasons, or need some one to take care of their parents.
Think twice before you sending your parents to old folk home. Do your parents really like to stay in old folk home? Some parents shy to say about their real feeling.
As you know, our parents put in so much efforts to grow us up, give us education, love and many more. Now, they are old and have limited time left. What they really need in flat are your sincere love and care. If you send them to old folk home, most likely your son or daughter will send your there as well when you are old.
If you really no choice but to send your parents there, please visit them often to show your sincere love and care.

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Hye said...

I can relate with your post coolingstar.

I seldom visit my parents because of busy sked but I really do miss them. I will visit them next month. Yippeee...

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